Our Charters

A Glimpse Into Each Journey..

Sunrise for Breakfast Cruise

Enjoy a unique healthy breakfast of organic fresh juice and fruit bowl on-board RIO while the sun rises, departing at 6:00AM, one hour before sun rises, setting sail once reaching the open ocean.

We sail for 2 to 3 miles along the coast of Fort Lauderdale with an amazing view of the sunrise. Weather permitting we may stop for a swim in the ocean before breakfast..

Sailing into the sunrise is one of the most beautiful things we can experience, and most of us never really get to see it quite like this.

On board Rio, we’ll experience tons of unique activities. We’ll even let you take the wheel! In other words, at the end of the day I’ll be calling you a part of our crew!

After watching the sunrise and learning how to sail, we’ll drop anchor to have some lunch and a glass of California wine.

And if that wasn’t enough, just wait for the surreal pack of dolphins that will join us out at sea.. And if you’re thinking if you can swim with them. The answer is YES! You can, there is nothing like being next to a wild animal in the ocean. It’s something you won’t want to miss it!

Sunset for Dinner Cruise

Our Sunsets for Dinner Cruise starts and finishes with a fantastic view of some of Florida’s prestigious homes located on the intercostal on our way back to the dock out to sea, while we serve you dinner.

Behold the Fort Lauderdale breathtaking a sunset while relishing a lovely dinner with a bottle of wine. Departing 3 hours before sunset, we will make our way through the canals, passing by the beautiful houses in the area.

We sail 2 to 3 miles out to sea and, weather permitting, we can stop for a swim in the ocean before dinner.  We sail back as the sun sets behind the most amazing skyline of South Florida.

Sunrise to Sunset Sail

Can’t decide on a Sunrise or Sunset? That’s okay! We have a FULL DAY wellness sailing program for you! This program will open a window for you to see and experience an insight into a unique lifestyle that will bring years of healthy living for you and your family.

We sail for 10 hours through Fort Lauderdale and provide all meals throughout the journey. You will have the opportunity to take the wheel and sail RIO. We will also teach you how to prepare some of our plant-based recipes, swim in the ocean and much more..

4 Day Cruise To Bimini

While exploring the Bahama island of Bimini, Jose and Alex will share numerous life coaching concepts, recipes, and tips that will make this unique life-changing experience a success.

Our days will be filled with organic meals, yoga and meditation, and exploration of our surroundings.

This program Includes a 6 month at home personal coaching sessions by our plant-based chef/captain and Certified Wellness Coach, Jose. (via Skype, by phone over video conference call or in person).

We will provide you with a basic nutritional introduction program, that will encompass, nutritional coaching suggestions and nutraceutical alternatives for you and your family.

5 – 7 Day Yoga Retreat

A Bahamian yoga experience that will give you the opportunity to explore your spirituality with expert guides and yogis.

Sailing on the Coast of Fort Lauderdale to the exquisite Bahama Islands, you’ll be eating a plant based diet, swimming with wild animals, and conquering your inner truth through yoga practice and meditation.

This is a perfect way to experience a vacation that will transform your life, to progressively understand and learn about a healthier lifestyle, for you and your family.

10 Day Cruise to The Abacos

An ideal plan for 10+ days, sailing to the Bahamas, then island hopping in The Abacos. Calm waters, warm breezes, and a panoramic beauty make this 120-mile–long chain of islands a sailing paradise. Explore the intimate connection between mind, body, and soul through healthy eating, yoga, meditation in a picturesque natural environment.

This program includes 12 months of at home personal coaching sessions by our plant-based chef/captain and Certified Wellness Coach, Jose. (via Skype, by phone over video conference call or in person). We will provide you with complete pantry makeover, a comprehensive nutritional coaching program giving you the tools to transform your home and your life.

Questions or concerns? Call us! (850) 408-1460 or email: jose@wellnessonthesea.com