Customize Your Journey

Experience beautiful views, eat delicious food, and touch the magical creatures of the ocean, and that’s just where it starts..

ready to take control of your life?

Our experiences at Wellness On The Sea are a lot like a home-made recipe, Think about it. You choose what it is you’re craving, the ingredients you want to use and how you’re going to make it. Well, whether you’re a professional chef or just in it for the meal, Jose Martucci is giving you the chance to create a recipe of your very own. How? We let you decide how you want to spend your time with us. Feel like doing yoga your entire trip? Let’s do it! Seeking a new diet regimen to improve your health and weight? We can help. Want to swim with dolphins until your fingers and toes wrinkle? You betcha! Can’t decide what you want to do? You can have it ALL!
Here, at Wellness On The Sea,

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We’ll provide you with the best personal
guide and host experience
through your entire journey.



  • Sunrise Breakfast Sail
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • All-Day Cruise – Sunrise to Sunset
  • 5 Day Cruise to Bimini
  • 5-7 Day Yoga Retreat
  • 10+ Day Cruise to Abacos


  • Yoga Practice
  • Dolphin Retreat
  • Sailing & Navigation Skill Training
  • Juice Cleanse
  • 10-Day Shred – Weight loss
  • 12-Month Nutritional Coaching


  • Massages
  • Facials/Masks
  • Fresh Juice
  • Hand Made Plant-Based Meals
  • Vegetarian Cooking Lessons
  • Guided Meditation


  • Airport Transportation
  • Experienced Guides for Your Entire Stay
  • Yoga Goddess Goodie Bag
  • Quality Yoga Equipment, Including Mats, Bolsters, Blocks, Etc.

All programs are included in our one-day and multi-day retreats! Could you choose one or all of them? It’s your life! You choose how you live it.

Did you know our programs are available on AND off the Sea? Yep, that’s right! Whether you come aboard with us or not, our Sailing and Nutritional coaching programs are available at your leisure! Interested? Jose to learn more.

Not Sure About Yoga?

Here is a glimpse of our favorite Yoga Practices
we’ll share with you on your journey..

Restoring Yoga

Restorative yoga completely supports you to relax and rest, with a mix of 5 or 6 different poses, includes light twists and seated forward folds with gentle backbends and for your pleaser.

Yin Yoga & Hatha Yoga

Hatha means “willful” or “forceful.” Hatha is designed to calm your body, mind, and spirit.  These physical yoga postures are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga are all Hatha Yoga and they are all combined with meditation. Yin yoga helps you to sit more comfortably for a longer stretch and for longer periods of time (our Yin yoga practiced every day for around 3 minutes per pose)

Saying “I’m not flexible enough for yoga is like saying I’m too dirty to take a bath.”

-Jose Martucci

So What Do Ya Say?
Let’s Go On This Journey Together!