Sailing Sunrise

Sailing sunrises is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live life to the plus

Sailing into the sunrise is one of the most beautiful things we can experience, and most of us never really get to see it, especially over the ocean! One of the other reasons for getting up this early in the morning is to reach the last of 2 bridges at 7 AM. This will give us enough time to get out of the sea, and if the weather holds together we will be able to swim in Gulfstream.
Your sailing charter includes all your meals  (appetizer, soup or salad, entrees dessert, and drinks) plus our one-year wellness coaching. plus more. call us to prepare your next sailing adventure. 850-408-1460 or email us at
There are many different activities that happen and opportunities for us to do things that are very creative, one of him’s swimming with wild dolphins. If you’ve never had this chance to ever do this in your life and you’re in for a treat. Is there approach our Rio and they start to hang out with us, it is time to dive in and enjoy the moment like no other in your life.
This is our idea of sushi, it could be made up from fresh caught fish and vegetables, or just vegetables. It is truly to die for
There is nothing better than coming together with a large pod of wild dolphins after spending the night sailing across the Florida Straits. The most beautiful part is actually diving in and being part of this family. Spending time in the water with these wild animals is like no other experience you will ever have. They’re loving inquisitive creatures seeking for love from us
Most people pay upwards of $900.00 just to swim with them for an hour or two, we get to spend an entire day. We also have opportunities to swim into some beautiful reef setter surrounding the coastline of Fort Lauderdale.
These reefs is So pristine they’re allowed no one to anchor over them. They offer an opportunity to see and be witness to some unbelievable marine life. Especially when the loggerhead turtle’s are gathering tonight asked on the beaches.
And there is much more. We teach how to sail Rio, at the same time you will learn about navigation and sail handling, in other words, call my you will be part of our crew.

Our itinerary and menu for this day include:

Breakfast at 6 AM
For starters:
We serve a 20-ounce fresh juice:
Ginger, Carrots, celery, cucumber, apples, spinach and kale. 
Blended with 100% freshly cut coconut water. 
And for added nutritional, we add a protein blend of powders made from greens vegetables, seeds nuts, and berries.
A fruit bowl, 
Made up from: 
berries, mango, peaches, and bananas, 
sprinkled with a mixture of nuts and seeds. 
With the bass off freshly made coconut milk.
For lunch:
While at anchorage in the channel.
We will serve a delicious vegetable and fruit wraps rolled up in rice paper.
Served-up with, a peanut sauce that is to die for.
With our own Kimchi
 Paired-up with a delicious wine from Napa or Sonoma California.
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