Sailing to the Bahamas and Covid-19

Captain Jose Martucci, FM, ISSA

As Captain and Functional Medicine professional, Life and Wellness Coach, I want to reassure you that Wellness on The Sea’s Commitment to our Guest and Crew’s Health is our number one concern.

Wellness on The Sea and the COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We want to reassure you that our sailing vessel (Rio) is safe and we’re protecting her from contamination.

Although Rio (our sailing vessel) is in quarantine to make sure the safety and the health of our crew are protected. We still enjoy her and sail her.

Good news! The government of the Bahamas has opened their islands for us. Now we can finally resume our sailing adventures to their beautiful islands in the Bahamas. The only requirement they’re wanting us to bring with us is a certificate but every crew member and passenger onboard has been cleared by a physician to be free from COVID-19. It’s simple to test the week before, will certify that we are all clear to go. Bring the certificate with you.

Although we are still sailing along the United States coastline and keeping away from the large crowds and towns and cities. We January find ourselves anchoring offshore playing some of the outer islands end swimming in pristine waters of South Florida and the Florida Keys.

To be a guest onboard or part of our crew, you need to reassure us that you have been in quarantine for at least 30 days, and not exposed to COVID-19 (coronavirus),

I want to guarantee, our vessel is safe and also clean from all bacteria and insects that might cause harm or inconvenience to all of us on board. One of those insects is called a cockroach, and they can be a real nuisance. Some of us have traveled to foreign places and have seen these running around. Rio (our sailing vessel) has never had one of these inside its environment.

To prevent these things from happening we recommend that our guests traveling to visit and sail with us carry with them, two small bags, one to bring on board, and a smaller travel bag do you use while on the way to our destination.


  • We recommend that you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts grains, and seeds and then bridge the gap between what you eat and what your body really needs with a whole food plant-based supplement program, and elevate your immune system or in other words, protected better.
  • For us to maintain a high level of hygiene on board it is important that all your articles of clothing that you are bringing on board are washed and packed at home in a plastic bag, without opening it until you are on our vessel.

For more information on your immune system and how it works and defend itself against all diseases click here and watch this video.

We are still cruising between Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys.

Wellness on The Sea’s highest responsibilities includes the health and safety of our guests and crew.

Coronavirus is a fluid situation and we continue to work closely with public health experts to monitor, screen, and implement best practices to protect the health of our guests and crew as it relates to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our monitoring, screening, and operational protocols are designed to be flexible so that we can effectively adapt to changes as they occur.

Wellness on The Sea will be frequently updating this information to keep you up to date with any concerns.

You cannot control your outer environment; you can control yourself. “Trust me… you also need to rest”

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