The Beginning

S.V. Rio. Faces & Places!! Dreams and the Transformations…

Some might say that “Success is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose”. At Wellness On The Sea, we say that “Success is a transformation”.

We wanted to create a loving and nurturing environment, where people can transform their lives, at the same time enjoying themselves having lots and lots of fun.  It was at that moment, we decided to take our concept of a  wellness experience to the ocean. Like magic, we came up with a slogan…

S.V Rio & Wellness On the Sea.

We are a one-of-a-kind Plant-Base Wellness Sailing Experience… “Wellness On The Sea”

There is nothing better than coming together with a large pod of wild dolphins after spending the night sailing across the Florida Straits. The most beautiful part is actually diving in and being part of this family. Spending time in the water with these wild animals is like no other experience you will ever have. They’re loving inquisitive creatures seeking for love from us.


S.V. Rio. Faces & Places!!   Dreams and Transformations…

Success is not measured by the number of checks on a list of goals, but through the transformation, one undergoes throughout the journey.

Considering our passion for excellent service, we thought of ways to transmit our plant-based lifestyle through an extraordinary experience.  As we sat on the beach discussing our ideas, a sailboat gracefully glided past us, leaving behind a subtle silence. Serenity filled the air and clarity filled our minds. Wellness on the Sea had come to life.

We knew we needed to find the perfect vessel to make our dream come true. We searched for months yet could not find a sailboat that called to us.  Then as we were exasperated by our efforts, we found Rio. The 43-foot sailing vessel (S.V.) could easily accommodate up to six people, including our crew, very comfortably.  With private bathrooms in every stateroom, a large galley, and a living area with all the comforts of a home, she was everything we could have asked for.

Part of the plan was to be in AirB&B, the perfect vehicle to take our unique concept of health and wellness to the masses and share the amazing testimonies of all those that are transformed, on-board Rio.

Since then, Rio has carried dozens of guests across the Caribbean and back to our dock in Fort Lauderdale. This journey has blessed us with new friends and experiences to be remembered, changing our lives and those of each and everyone who comes aboard. 

We welcome you to experience your own transformation on-board Rio and Wellness on the Sea!

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