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Wellness On The Sea helps individuals, families, and companies meet today’s Health and wellness challenges while charting a path to tomorrow’s peace of mind. Find out what Wellness On The Sea can do for you today, Find out what we can do for your family or your business.

Health and Wellness Consultations for all ages.

At Wellness on The Sea, we are identifying each symptom, to find the contributing cause to an individual’s illness. And our ultimate goal is to bring your body back to homeostasis or balance. We really focus on degenerative and chronic conditions are traditional medicine falls short, after identifying the root cause we treat our clients as a whole rather than parts or symptoms. At Wellness on The Sea, we offer a menu of assessments to guide you on your path toward wellness.

These assessments are tailored to optimize your health and help you reach your healthiest potential by aligning your lifestyle choices.

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Our Assessment Includes:

  • Genetics
  • Medical History
  • Psychological History
  • Metabolic Factors
  • Nutrition Education
  • Endocrine, Hormonal Issues
  • Mood and Energy Concerns
  • Digestive Issues
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Sleep Management
  • Sexual Health & Nutrition, Fitness
  • Lifestyle

Visceral fat, which often wraps deep around the belly, plays a role in the metabolic syndromes that increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Metabolic Factors

Although it sounds mysterious, metabolic syndrome, which is a term for a group of risk factors that can raise your chance of developing heart disease and other health problems including diabetes. 

In general, excess weight and lack of activity can lead to metabolic syndrome, but there are five specific factors that can put you at risk for it. You need to have at least three factors present in order to be officially diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. The five factors are:

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  • Metabolic Factors Risks
  • Having a large waistline (a more than 35-inch circumference for women and more than 40 for men)
  • Low levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol
  • High triglyceride levels 
  • High levels of blood sugar
  • High blood pressure

Metabolic Syndrome: 10 Things You Need to Know About Your Risk via @EverydayHealth

Functional Medicine, Life, and Wellness Coaching

Our functional medicine, wellness consultation is based on a fully personalized, goal-oriented action plan to optimize your health and well-being. This plan will become our blueprint, as we work together to empower you to reach your behavioral improvement in your life.  We then offer you access to our health nutritional guide to work towards those goals and empower you to create everlasting changes in your life.

We realize and understand that sometimes changing something somethings in life is tough. At Wellness on The Sea, we give you the space to experience how we live our everyday. This very unique opportunity allows you to see how thoughts, behaviors, nutrition, and lifestyle can dramatically improve your health and decrease your risk of developing chronic disease.

healthy babies are the future of the planet
Live and dry blood analysis

We will provide you with proven strategies and the skills you need to maximize your future well-being.

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Metabolic Assisted Lifestyle Package – A 2½ hour initial consultation that includes a 60-minute psychological evaluation and a 60-minute comprehensive lifestyle evaluation with a focus on 100% whole food plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle behavior.

Professional Package – This 4-hour consultation focuses on the maintenance of your whole wellness health, and the enhancement of your performance in life, throughout the career span in an efficient comprehensive manner.

NONI Face and body rejuvenation therapy

Women’s Package – This 3-hour consultation focuses on issues specific to women. This could include metabolic functions such as nutrition, weight, reproduction, psychology, and medical conditions.

Fee Schedule and Payment Information

  • $350 – Initial Consultation (for complex health issues, assessment, and care plan formation) 90 min
  • $157 – Follow Up Consultation 60 min
  • $80 – Brief Follow Up Consultation 30 min
  • The initial one-on-one consultation usually runs about 1.5 hr. on average. An in-depth health history will be taken, a comprehensive assessment will be done, and a care plan will be provided. Follow-up appointments generally run 1 hr.

Contact us for a 15-minute free evaluation Zoom call consult, by texting your request to +1 850-408-1460 or email us at jose@wellnessonthesea.com

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