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Pantry Makeover

A Pantry Makeover is a fun and easy way to get a head start on your family’s health! We join you in your kitchen (one on one, via Skype or Facetime), and help you cleanse your pantry. This program is designed to get you feeling great about your kitchen space and the food you offer to your family.

Wellness and Life Coaching Sessions

A personalized program to obtain the resources you need to achieve your goals. We will encourage you to set an intention and work with you along the way. Through easy steps and small changes, you will learn and practice a new lifestyle that will bring health and longevity into your life.

We offer 3 programs:

  1. ·      1-Day Nutritional Coaching Session
  2. ·      90-day Weight Loss Program
  3. ·      12-month Health and Weight Loss coaching program

For Information and Reservations:

Call: 850-408.1460

E-mail:  jose@wellnessonthesea.com