Mind-Body Healing Connection


Wellness on The Sea we believe WHOLE is an acronym (Welcoming Healthy Organic Lifestyle Empowerment) – Ocean Robbins. We believe eating a plant-based diet is a form of self-respect, and at Wellness on the Sea, we take this very seriously.


We have a mind-body spiritual and whole lifestyle approach to wellness, for those healthy-minded individuals that want to come on board relax and take the stress off your schedules and have FUN.

At Wellness on The Sea, we give you the space to experience how we live our everyday. This very unique opportunity allows you to see how grateful we are, for you to witness firsthand how we relate to the most overlooked, simple things in life like; Being grateful and thanking God to give us another day and experiencing sunrise and truly admiring the sunsets, breathing fresh air, absorbing sunlight, getting regular exercise, allowing yourself to relax and have enough sleep, enjoying real fun, 

Wellness on the sea attracts customers from over 27 countries every year, they reach out to us because of what we do and how we do it. We believe our success comes because of the longevity of our result-driven program. 

Our longevity driven program provides our partners, guests, and patients the tools for a proactive approach to Long-term healing. We provide customized health solutions and homework between everyone’s ongoing visits, this empowerment approach to healthcare enhances their recovery and improves their wellness goals,

Because of this very unique approach to wellness, we are able to choose better healthcare solutions for our guests and patients. This approach gives us the opportunity to customize people’s diets and nutritional formulas to enhance their healing and transformation rates.

The Mind-Body, Spiritual, Healing Connection Benefits, of Meditation, Exercise, Ozone, Sunlight & Essential Ozonated Oils Experience is Something We Love Sharing With Our Guests.

Recent studies show that the ocean and the beach are one of the best places to alleviate stress and heal your mind body and spirit.

There is something soothing about the ocean, the sound of ocean waves, the smell of saltwater, and the feeling of warm sand beneath your toes.

Having grown up near the ocean, I always found I was most happy on the beach. Yet, recent studies prove that an ocean beach-type environment can have a profound impact on our brains and mental health.  “These slow, whooshing sounds of water rushing bye against the hall of our boat are the sounds of non-threats, which is why they work to calm all our people,”

According to Richard Shuster, PsyD, clinical psychologist, he agrees that the blue ocean has a profound calming effect on people. “Staring and listening to the blue ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state, allowing people to heal their mind body and spirit,”

What is ozone?

Ozone or O3 is Activated Oxygen (O2). Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms that Oxygen contains. You can catch a feel of the power of ozone on the ocean, and when you’re up in the mountains at high altitudes. The distinctive scents and feelings you experience in these places provide clues about activated oxygen. 

Ozone Therapy

Ozone destroys pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Only pure oxygen is left behind as the byproduct. Ozone is a potent and powerful detoxifier (think of the ozone layer purifying our air and making life on Earth possible). With its ability to tackle such things, ozone stabilized in the right form is a tremendous ally for treating serious skin problems as well.

Natural Detoxification

Ozone is our planet environmental go-to miracle, it works to clean and disinfect our natural environment. Because it contains a third oxygen molecule, it is heavier than oxygen (O2). It’s because of this extra weight that ozone is able to move through the air and clean it up. It takes care of all kinds of pollutants and also handles bacteria and viruses in its path.

Ozonated Oils

Ozone is an excellent therapy for detoxification and has the capacity to carry plentiful amounts of oxygen into the cells of the body, pushing out toxic accumulations and infections.

We can use certain types of oils to stabilize a highly unstable element in a safe and beneficial way. We use products that start with raw, cold-pressed organic olive oil.

The oil goes through an extended process where ozone is bubbled through it. The process of infusing our oils with ozone takes months. Once ozonated, the oil thickens to a solid gel that will not flow like oil. To retain its potency and purity, the oil never comes into contact with any metal or plastic. 

Skin & Ozone

When applied to the skin, ozonated oils carry their powerful properties through the cells. The oil heals damaged tissues and speeds up healing time. It works to clear bacteria (very beneficial on acne), viral, and fungal infections. Ozonated olive oil stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells. Dry skin will be moisturized and swelling, and inflammations will be calmed. Skin rashes of all types benefit from the application of properly ozonated oil.

Powerful anti-aging benefits:

  • Stimulation of growth for skin cells
  • Acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins
  • Acts as a moisturizing facial conditioner
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Wrinkles

Other healing benefits and uses:

  • Sunburns and other burns
  • Wounds, cuts, ulcers
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Cleans and sterilizes the epidermis
  • Reduces swelling and redness
  • Calms the nerves and reduces the amount of pain in skin conditions
  • May increase cellular function and cellular memory
  • Aids in healing processes and reduces scarring
  • Good for animal wounds – it can be licked
  • Can be used as a natural underarm deodorant
  • Hemorrhoids – One of the best natural remedies
  • Sore muscles (helps to remove lactic acid from pores)
  • Ringworm
  • Bed Sores
  • Skin Yeast
  • Carbuncles
  • Tinea Versicolor
  • Dermatitis
  • Diaper Rash

The healing and soothing powers of essential oils are immeasurable. There are many essential oils, each with its own unique health benefits which help you soothe your body and mind. Finding the right healing essential oil (or combination of) is simple. Here are the seven most common essential oils and their benefits to help you get started on a healthier you!

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