Jose Martucci

From a young age, I have had a passion for the ocean. At the age of 12, I worked hard to gather enough to purchase my first surfboard. By the age of 17, I would expertly sail the many lakes of Canada, and eventually moved to more challenging waters in the Pacific and Carribean.My mother was my first culinary mentor. With her knowledge in Indian and Carribean cuisine, she taught me early on how to turn anything we pulled from the garden into a creative and healthy meal.

After running a successful advertising and marketing company in Canada, my heart told me it was time to do something  more precious for the world. I began reviewing and perfecting different alternatives of enhancing health and vitality. A lack of coherence in my findings led my research overseas. For three years, I lived in French Polynesia studying the local diet and lifestyle. I then immersed myself in an Ecuadorian village called Vilcabamba where I met a group of elders known as “los Abuelos.” I was amazed to witness five to six generations sitting together at the dinner table. These people prolonged their life span through simple and wholesome diets, staying healthy until their death. Shortly after my return, I became a Raw Food Specialist and Wellness Coach, certified by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Today, living aboard the sailing vessel, Rio, I seek to share what I have learned throughout my experiences to those aspiring for an invigorating lifestyle. Together with my partner, Alexandra, we have created a wellness program out of a dream we shared for years. We welcome you aboard S.V. Rio and to experience Wellness On The Sea, a whole food/plant-based sailing adventure.