Line Handling

At Wellness On The Sea and sailing vessel Rio, Line Handling is something you’ll want to know about when we are docking Rio

We recommend that you look over and read the section of our website, to familiarize yourself a little more on the subject. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them. So writing down!

As Capt. We don’t expect you to be experts when approaching the marina and docking Rio. Onboard Rio, we have line handlers to dock Rio smoothly and safely on to the dock.  What we need know from experience is that everybody wants to help, but not everybody knows what to do. This short video Will assist you in understanding a little more about what the simple steps you would need to know when docking Rio. Really there are five simple steps!

Boating knots: Cleat Hitch

Beam rotation
Docking using a boat cleat near the beam to have a controlled landing. As soon as the boat places tension on the line, it will align itself parallel with the dock.

Stern rotation
When the wind is from stern/ that is the back of the boat, we will pass over the stern line first, putting the line on upwind dock cleat or piling. As soon as Rio tensions the line, the bow will swing toward the dock.

Pivot points
Pivot points are created when you attach a line from a boat cleat to a fitting on the shore, like a cleat, piling or bollard. As soon as that line comes under tension Rio will rotate around that point.

Bow rotation
Only when docking into the wind,  we will pass a line over a piling first, leading the line to an upwind dock cleat or piling, this will cause Rio to settles against the line, then the stern will move toward the pier.

Line handling tips
Onboard Rio, we have 30 questions just for fun, so don’t be afraid to ask., because even a few seconds too long could blow a great docking approach. So, in this case, leave it to the pros to teach you… that’s us.

Onboard real we have well-trained crew members, to concentrate on the part of Rio’s needs to come alongside a dock. There’s no need to worry about these things, by the time you get home you would know how to do all of these maneuvers because we will teach you a step-by-step process how to handle liens on board Rio.

In the meantime, you can watch TJ’s video and take notes. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 850-408-1460.