Alexandra D’Onofrio

For many years, I wondered how to combine what I liked most in life and how to share it with the world…

Early in my years, I travelled onboard huge commercial ships with my father who was a Merchant Marine Captain. These experiences brought me to fall in love with the ocean; but my passion for sailing flourished at the age of 17. At the time, my brother was the captain of a racing crew in Puerto La Cruz and I was invited to join the team. It was unlike anything I had ever done. Since then, sailing and cruising remained a significant part of my life.

As a working mother of two incredible children, I longed for a clean and healthy lifestyle. I knew that what I taught them at their early stages was critical for their future. I wanted to prepare them to make wise decisions when it came to what foods they ate, differentiating between which foods will nourish and which will poison their bodies.

Inevitably, I became immersed in the world of wellness by reading countless books, taking courses on holistic practices, and learning from different nutritional experts in Brazil and in the United States. I also conducted my own research, and obtained a certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. This journey has been well worth , while resulting in the excellent development of both of my children and myself.

Today, 30+ years in the hospitality industry, of which 20 have been as a Human Resources Director, have taught me the importance of understanding people’s needs. Through the years I have worked to satisfy by creating exceptional experiences and ideal environments for each individual’s potential to thrive.

Wellness on the Sea has been the natural coalition point for all my experiences to work together in an effort to transmit simple fundamentals for a longer and healthier life.