Who We Are

We Are a

Life is about choices, and we chose the way we live.

-Jose Martucci

The Journey
What’s in it for you?


We sail offshore from Fort Lauderdale or the beautiful Bahama Islands on board Rio for one day, a weekend, or 5-day charter! Wellness on The Sea will perfect your navigation skills island to island, snorkeling with wild dolphins, meditation and yoga, all while enjoying a delicious selection of plant-based meals.


Our sailing retreats include 100% vegan plant-based meals and smoothies that originate from some of the finest organic fruit and vegetable growers in South Florida and around the world. Here, at Wellness on The Sea, we guarantee that you will be eating exquisite and delicious food from rainbow colors and a large spectrum of nutrients while sailing with us.


With deep pleasure and a heartfelt approach to nutrition, Wellness On The Sea strides to reach a correct understanding of your wellness needs. Our coaches will guide you through an optimal wellness journey, finding plant-based nutrients to bridge the gap between what you eat and what your cells really need for optimal health and wellness. As part of our day and weekend sailing charters we also offer a one year wellness coaching program!

Air Bnb

If you are looking for a place to stay on your journey with Wellness on The Sea or just visiting the area, we offer two cabins at our Dock in Fort Lauderdale. Our pricing is based on one cabin and double occupancy, suitable for anyone that wants to stay with us for one night or several days.

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Cabin Air BnB

  • Queen Size Bed, Private Bath
  • Option – Sail to The Bahamas
  • $55 – $90 for Addition Cabins

Daily Cruises & Multi-Day Retreats

Choose your Cruise!
Sunrise to Sunset Day Cruise
Breakfast & Sunrise Cruise
Dinner & Wine Sunset Cruise
4 – 10 Day Retreat
2 – 4 Guests Per Journey
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