We Are A Plant-Based Sailing Experience 🌱⛵️

Our 5-hour sunrise or sunset cruise charter in Fort Lauderdale Florida is absolutely spectacular.

Wellness On The Sea is a Plant-Based Sailing Experience that allows people like you, to enjoy offshore sailing to the Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale.

This experience will improve your sailing and navigation skills. You will learn about a wellness experience that empowered and transforms the lives of thousands of people.

We have been given a very special gift 💝 to love yourself into health, wealth, and happiness; and you have the ability to love others into their health, wealth, and happiness, too. This is something we practice onboard Wellness On The Sea.

“We believe that eating responsively, healthy meals from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, is a form of self-respect” at Wellness On the Sea we take this form of eating very seriously. 🌱


Our Fort Lauderdale offshore sailing experience is very exciting and “a lot of fun for all ages”

Jump In!! the water is worm

learn abought our 100% vegan plant-based or vegetarian meals while we sail in Fort Lauderdale Florida or to the Bahamas.

We serve a farm to table Plant-based or vegetarian meal on board while we're sailing in Fort Lauderdale Florida or to the Bahamas.
You need to sample our 100% vegan plant-based vegetarian meal replacement smoothies, while we sailing to the Bahamas or Fort Lauderdale.

Our plant-based vegan and organic vegetarian programs offer a unique one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Sailing to Bimini from Florida, and some of the most exotic deserted islands in the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale while enjoying a great selection of plant-based menus and organic wines from California. Our goal is to show you basic simple steps for you to have a healthy lifestyle, designed to transform your mind and body.

You will give a new meaning to the words… “lets all dive in together” trust me, its safe and the water is very warm.

Mediterranean Training Retreat

May 31, 22018, o June 31, 2018, we wore sailing for 30 days 2435.36 klm on the Mediterranean Sea ⛵️ On a 40 foot sailboat called, “Merlin” ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️

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Looking for the perfect charter sailing vacation? Where we teach you how to sail and prepare foods for a lifetime of health and wellness…

Ask us for our Family and friends programs… call or email us 850-408-1460 / jose@wellnessonthesea.com to find out more info on our most popular 4 or 5-day Bahama destinations.

Your sailing charter includes all your meals  (appetizer, soop or salad, entrees desert, and drinks) plus our one-year wellness coaching. plus more. call us to prepare your next sailing adventure. 850-408-1460 or email us at jose@wellnessonthesea.com

Click here for more info on our Plant-based sailing and detox retreat to the Bahamas.


TJ sits on the bow as our dolphin spotter… Wellness On The Sea Dolphin Swim Interactive Program This dolphin program is specially designed for swimmers and younger children!

Wellness On The Sea Dolphin Swim Interactive Program

This dolphin program is specially designed for swimmers and younger children!

Sailing to the Bahamas becomes even more exciting with Wellness On The Sea Dolphin Interactive Program. This very unique Dolphin Interactive Program shows you how to interact and swim with dolphins in the open ocean in a program designed for everyone in the family.

Arturo diving to make contact and have fun as he swims with wild dolphins and the Bahamas

Wellness On The Sea, Dolphin Interactive Program is ideal for families, children. This extraordinary, hands-on SAFE PROGRAM gives you the opportunity to interact with the dolphin, in approximately 25 to 30-ft. of crystal clear waters of the Bahamas.

Sailing to the Bahamas to experience our dolphin swim programs, you get the opportunity to share you’re a time in the dolphin’s natural environment creating a lasting emotional connection like you’ve never had in your life! Furthermore, YOU GET TO observe some of the dolphin’s most distinctive natural behaviors without the confined moment of pools, you get to experience first-hand there jumps and the unique whistling and clicking sounds they use to communicate with each other.

Book your magical one-of-a-kind experience and surprise your self and your family with eight everlasting experience.

We serve a farm to table Plant-based or vegetarian meal on board while we're sailing in Fort Lauderdale Florida or to the Bahamas.
We package all our meals in Glass containers, prepared and parked the night before we leave on our sailing charters. All our meals are based on a farm to table, Plant-based or vegetarian meal menu.

Our responsibility to our planet!

Whether we are sailing to the Bahamas or anywhere in the world, our self-sustaining recycling and conservation conciseness programme, leads us to an understanding, to preserve the natural environment of each island we sail to. Therefore food preparation is very important, and how we package it and how we dispose of our trash!

All our sailing programmes start first with the end in mind. From the farm to our kitchen, where we prepare all the fresh picked food that is needed for the passage. It’s all carefully planned and prepared in a very clean organized environment, then packaged and sealed in glass containers. All the glass containers are washed and recycled, stored onboard Rio, then brought back to be reused once more for our next Journey. At Wellness On The Sea, we believe we should only be living our footprints on every island behind.

At wellness on the sea, we shop wisely for the best fresh and clean in everything. We start with the best produce brought to us by local organic farmers and farmers markets.

If you are looking for the best quality and selection of fruits and vegetables, greens and seeds, go to the farmers market early.
Remember “the early bird gets the worm”. Fresh and popular items will sell out before the day is done.
Our food synergy goes extremely well with our environment. We deliver only the finest ingredients to fulfill your nutritional needs, while you swim in crystal clear turquoise blue water.
Remember: If you are looking for the best deals, go to the farmers market later in the day. Farmers and other vendors usually discount produce instead of loading them back on their trucks home. Although you may think that this is taking advantage of something with someone, no it’s not, it’s just the way to do business. Farmers grow this food for there living, however, so don’t expect or ask for deep discounts.
In the traditional American meal, daily protein needs are met by eating the animals. Think about moving towards a plant-based diet, it is important to consider protein-rich plant foods to ensure your body gets the right amount of protein. These are absorbable proteins and bioavailable protein. remember that I will brain and our bodies require protein to function with optimal health and wellness.

Our approach is based on a sound nutritional principal, and our program consists off: a plant-based diet rich in whole food phytonutrients, antioxidants, sea minerals, nuts, greens, seeds, berries, clean air and clean water, exercise and meditation, all of this and much more to inspire and promote healthy living for you and you’re loved ones.

Follow Your Bliss Yoga Sailing Retreat


Take this precious time out of your life and immerse yourself into the magical yoga sailing  experience of a lifetime. Come join us in the incredible Bahamian  paradise & fill yourself with Bliss… Our yoga class includes a 75-minute hatha vinyasa yoga practice, education, and a Q & A with our presenters and much more…


Bimini is the westernmost most point of the Bahamas bank and comprises a chain of islands located about 80 kilometers due east of Miami. According to national geographic, it has the biggest spectrum of blue water in the world, and the clarity is like no other seen anywhere on the planet.
Have you ever thought, of going to a deserted island? We believe these destinations still exist in the Bahamas. Sailing to the Bahamas and dropping anchor in these beautiful pools are absolutely magical.

Wellness On the Sea, a Plant-Based Wellness Sailing Experience

With deep pleasure and a heartfelt approach to nutrition, Wellness On The Sea strides to reach a correct understanding of your wellness needs. Wellness On The Sea our coaches, will guide you on your optimal wellness journey,  with a plant-based approach to nutrition. We’ll use them need to fineness plant-based nutrients to bridge the gap between what you eat in what your cells really need for optimal health and wellness.  Our nutrients are 100% plant-based, 100% vegan, 100% vine ripened whole food.

Phytonutrients Reduce Blood Pressure, & Cholesterol

Before we begin, we would love to ask you some questions. Do you recognize these symptoms?:




Leaky gut, or “intestinal permeability,” as Victor explained, is a condition in which the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing undigested food particles, toxic waste products, and bacteria to “leak” through the intestines and flood the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, our Standard American Diet (SAD) has to lead us to higher rates of inflammatory diseases. The microbiome is destroyed by antibiotic exposure. The microbiome is important in detoxification and immunity. 


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